T2 Series




  • Suitable for most AC solar pumps, including single-phase 220V/three-phase 220/380/480, etc. Power ranges 0.75kW ~ 400kW.
  • Compatible with DC (solar panel) power input and AC (generator/ on-grid utility) at the same time, available for 24 hours of running.Hybrid function.
  • Large water flow, output maximum water in the same condition.
  • Soft-start, variable speed drive with most advanced automatic MPPT technology, efficiency over 99.9%.
  • Support Remote Monitoring function(optional).
  • Cost-effective, operation without battery.
  • Easy to use, one-button start/stop, no need for setting.
  • All-round protection, including over-current, under-voltage, over-load, and weak sunshine warning/over-heating/dry running (over 30 kinds of protections).
  • Reliable, over 15 years of market-proven experience of inverter producing technology.




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