HFP4850S80-145 (48V/5kW)

48V/5kW/145Vpv (Parallel Function)



  1. It adopts full-digital double closed loop control, combined with advanced SPWM technology to output pure sine wave.
  2. Two output modes: mains electricity bypass and inverter output; uninterrupted power supply.
  3. Four charging modes: PV Only, Mains Electricity Priority, PV Priority and PV&Mains Electricity hybrid charging.
  4. Advanced MPPT technology with 99.9% efficiency.
  5. User-defined charging parameters setting(voltage, current and mode), and suitable for various types of energy storage batteries.
  6. Rocker switch for AC output control.
  7. Power saving mode, reduce no-load loss.
  8. Intelligent variable-speed fan to efficiently dissipate heat and extend system lifespan.
  9. Lithium battery activation function, allow lead-acid battery and lithium battery access.
  10. All-round protection for solar panels includes overload and short circuit protection, under-voltage and over-voltage protection and reverse polarity protection.
  11. Support variety of user-friendly communication modules, such as RS485(GPRS, WiFi, Bluetooth), CAN and USB etc., and feasible to connect with computer and mobile phone to realize remote control.
  12. Available for 6 units parallel operation.

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